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Vision for the Future

I am running for Harrisonburg City Council to make our beautiful and diverse city resilient for all communities. With the right vision and determination, Harrisonburg can be a model city for sustainability, business, and community.
As our city's next councilmember, I will focus on:
Climate Change

Our community has an ethical duty to address climate change immediately with all the tools and techniques we have available. This is not just a local problem, but will need local solutions to be addressed quickly. I am confident that Harrisonburg is ready to take on the challenge.

Houseless Population

While affordable housing is an important issue, perhaps a more important time-sensitive issue is the houseless population. The city needs to find ways to best serve this population and to provide connections to needed services. It is imperative that we treat all the residents of this city with dignity and compassion. 

Affordable Housing

Diverse, affordable housing options are a key to a healthy and vibrant community. Affordable housing does not mean cheap housing; it means housing that is affordable based on all local incomes of all the people. I plan apply my years of design and construction experience to think through this challenge.

Local Business

Thriving local businesses are the backbone of our community. They create jobs, support our nonprofits and school groups, and fuel our tax base. Among our top priorities should be finding ways that help them grow and become more successful. We must eliminate barriers that discourage start-ups and expansion while simultaneously offering the right blend of tools to support their growth. That blend of tools must include programs that support business creation among our immigrant population.  


As an architect, historic preservation is rooted deeply in my core beliefs. I am passionate about preserving our historic buildings that create place. Our existing buildings create a story that is the framework for our lives. I believe we should implement protections for our historic buildings to encourage property owners to save these buildings and re-invest in our future success. 


A healthy city is one that cares about all its residents. My years of work as an architect have taught me the importance of listening to hear. I am working hard to hear from all people the challenges that exist, the solutions they believe will work, and the successes they have had to guide my thinking about the future of Harrisonburg. 

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