How to Vote in the City Council 2020 Caucus


Absentee Voting is now OPEN!


There are three seats on the November ballot for Harrisonburg City Council 2020. The Democratic caucus on May 16, 2020 is to select the Democratic nominees for the November election. I hope I can earn one of your three votes.

There will no longer be an option for in-person voting.

Visit for the caucus form.

The Caucus Rules Committee has opened up absentee voting requests: Under the current conditions they are launching digital online absentee-voting NOW. Voters may request ballots by email or phone. The pledge will be sent out electronically. For absentee requests, Harrisonburg Democrats can submit request online at the form below in order to receive their ballot and individual security code.

A digital caucus pledge ballot request is available here:


Harrisonburg Democrats without convenient access to the internet/email who want to submit their caucus pledge over the phone and request a ballot can call (540) 434-5163 between 9:00 AM and 9:00 PM everyday to apply for a ballot and (if they are a Harrisonburg voter) it will be mailed to them. Harrisonburg Democratic Voters can physically mail back their Ballot to Harrisonburg Democratic Committee P.O. Box 981 Harrisonburg VA 22803.

I hope that most voters will vote absentee. And, no additional reason is needed to vote absentee. Vote for no more than three candidates.

For absentee voter requests, a ballot will be sent back to the voter along with a unique and secret voter code. The voter can then return their marked ballot with the unique voter code. After which all ballots will be secured until the caucus date.

The HDC will use all available means to advertise this voting system to insure a large voting turn-out in absentee.

At the end of the voting day, the ballots will be counted inside the HDC Office safely with a small authorized group and with lots of protective clothing. If there are any ties, after the ballots are tabulated, the winners will be chosen by a coin-flip.

The HDC Chair will then use party apparatus to announce the results by all forms of communications.

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