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I am very pleased to endorse Charles in his candidacy for Harrisonburg City Council. His years of experience as an architect and business leader, with a particular passion for sustainability, will serve our community well into the future. Charles is deeply interested in growth that is environmentally responsible.

Charles is also committed to expand access to affordable housing in the city. His professional expertise will be an advantage in that effort. He cares about our community and will engage with energy.

Loren Swartzendruber, president emeritus

Eastern Mennonite University

I have worked with Charles Hendricks for many years on numerous boards and working groups due to our mutual interests in green building and sustainability. Charles has been an invaluable source of knowledge and leader in the community over the years in pursuing green building. I have always been impressed with his efforts to develop new and innovative ideas for the Harrisonburg community. I wholeheartedly support Charles for Harrisonburg City Council because I know he will work tirelessly on behalf of its citizens.

Benjamin Meredith

Owner of Building Knowledge, Inc.

Charles Hendricks is one of the earliest advocates and practitioners of sustainable, green building in Virginia. I am pleased to endorse him.

Karl Bren, President

Greenvisions Consulting (Ret.)


I've known Charles for more than a decade. He is a tireless volunteer for his community and also a change leader. One of those volunteer activities has been teaching young planners, architects and designers at my UVA class. He challenges our next generation to make a difference by going beyond the minimum and striving to make the world better through green design. He cares deeply about the world we will leave for our children and he things about this every day as he watches his two daughters grow up and become caring community-oriented people, just like their Dad. He is a risk taker in pushing the building world to use less resources, build healthier places for people to live and work, and to create equitable neighborhoods for everyone. I wholeheartedly endorse him.

Karent Firehock

Executive Director

Green Infrastructure Center

I first met Charles when he came and spoke to the Broadway-Timberville Rotary where I am a member.  I was immediately impressed by his preparedness and organization.  His passion for the subject of climate change and sustainability were evident throughout the presentation.  When we met for lunch his genuine care for the community and desire to help others stuck with me.  He is a perfect fit for a local leadership role.  I am confident that Charles would be a huge asset to the City Council and would fight for the betterment of Harrisonburg. 

Bobby Mongold

Charles is smart, ethical, community-dedicated, hard-working, and committed to a sustainable future.

Tom Duval

Harrisonburg City Resident

There is not a greater time than now for architects to step up and serve their communities in elected capacities. Architects are professionally trained in two vital areas which have a direct positive impact on shaping vibrant, equitable, sustainable, and healthy communities: problem solving and building consensus amongst various stakeholders with competing interests. This, combined with an architect’s daily engagement with design, planning, zoning, and budgeting makes an architect a tremendous asset on any City Council.  It is for these reasons that AIA Virginia endorses Charles Hendricks for Harrisonburg City Council!

AIA Virginia

It is without any hesitation that I give Charles Hendricks my full endorsement in his campaign for Harrisonburg City Council. I have known Charles for 4 years now, and in that time I have seen his passion for our community radiate through all areas of his life. Charles is a true servant-leader in our community, spending countless hours serving as a Rotarian, Architect, business leader, and non-profit supporter. We have worked together in several capacities through the years and there is no one more appropriate to help move Harrisonburg forward during these challenging times of growth and in a divisive political climate. 


Charles' knowledge of sustainability, building science, and land planning will be vitally important in considering the policy decisions that are made in addressing the affordable housing crisis in Harrisonburg, redeveloping under-utilized or functionally obsolete parcels, improving our infrastructure in public services and utilities, as well as enabling future development. His knowledge base stemming from his career as an architect provides a perspective that has been largely absent in our City Council make-up in the past, and his career provides tangible experience overcoming the challenges of reducing our carbon footprint. Diversity of knowledge and skillset is incredibly important in local politics and Charles provides exactly that.  I would reach to say no one is more qualified to address these issues on a local level and make a tangible impact.


Charles is a local small business owner who understands both the challenges of running a business and the importance of empowering businesses, large and small, to help lift our entire community up. He knows how to balance a budget and work with people. Charles understands that taxes are a necessary part of growth, and when businesses thrive, communities thrive. We cannot continue to put short term tax solutions in place for long term problems. By proposing policies that are friendly towards businesses and drive them to generate more profit, and more taxes, Charles' plans will ultimately decrease the tax burden on the average person in Harrisonburg, and provide a more sustainable, long-term solution to our City's budgeting challenges. 


Charles is honest, direct and focused on others. He listens to people, seeks to truly understand and take perspectives.  Charles is not proud, boastful, or politically ambitious - he is a servant. He recognizes that our City is at a crossroads for sustainable growth, and the decisions we make now will affect us for years to come. Running for City Council is a public service, and Charles is a true public servant. He has my full endorsement. #HendricksforHarrisonburg

Brad Cohen

Realtor and Owner of The Cohen Team at Harman Realty

I thoroughly support Charles as a City Council Candidate. He will serve the community well. I have worked with Charles for many years in his role as an architect. His understanding of design implications for how a family would live and the best solutions to achieve an environmentally friendly solution were invaluable in that collaborative relationship. Charles has demonstrated a commitment to the local community through volunteerism and the way he has shifted his architectural firm to meet community needs. His knowledge of all things "green and sustainable" and concern for the people that make up the community will blend well to work for the citizens of Harrisonburg.

Eric Beck

Owner, Beck Builders and Green Hill Solar

Charles has already been an asset to our community for many years. His passion for, and knowledge of, sustainabaility and living responsibly is based on facts gleaned from his own research and experience. Over the years he has inspired me with his regular blogs on all kinds of subjects. He knows how to communicate clearly and effectively no matter how diverse his audience. I know I can trust Charles to represent me and my community in the best way possible, regardless of issues that arise. If I have a concern, I know he will listen. He is thoughtful, caring, loyal, and community-minded. Our community is very fortunate to have someone like Charles who really cares about our quality of life! I am fortunate to count him as a true friend!

Phyllis Friesen

Design Concrete Builders, Inc.

It's a holistic and fierce commitment to community health and sustainability that I admire about Charles. Historic preservation of our beautiful city? He's done the work. Driving and supporting sustainable initiatives, both small scale and city-wide? He has the track record. Celebration of our local artists? Just swing by the Depot on a First Friday. Affordable housing? A local food network? Innovative business? Charles recognizes the interconnectedness of our many challenges and opportunities as a city. On my own community efforts, Charles has consistently not just been willing, but eager and insightful in his support. His thoughtful vision for Harrisonburg is supported by a track record of listening, innovation, foresight, and results. I fully support his candidacy for Harrisonburg City council."

Everett Brubaker

Harrisonburg City Resident

As a longtime resident of the Valley, I am thrilled that Charles Hendricks is running for a seat on Harrisonburg’s City Council.  I have known him for a number of years through our mutual interest in community advocacy work and community service. The work I have seen him do with our area Rotary Club has been nothing short of admirable. I believe wholeheartedly that he can take on this position because of his commitment to bettering our Friendly City. Charles not only listens to the concerns of our citizens, but he is devoted to taking ACTION. His many years of experience as a loyal humanitarian and dedicated business owner will provide the City Council with the knowledge and perspective needed to establish a diverse and successful team. I also fully support his commitment to sustainability and our current housing crisis.

Nadia Dames

local business owner & community advocate


I became acquainted with Charles when I was a member of the Earth Care House Church at Trinity Presbyterian Church. The members of this environmental friendly House Church attended several of his lectures held at Park View Mennonite Church. He spoke to us about the benefits of installing PV Solar panels on the roof of the Church.

I soon learned that Charles did free home and church audits. I asked him to come to Muhlenberg Lutheran Church. He met with me, a member of Creation Care Ministry, and the Building and Grounds Representatives. Charles used his handy laser gun to show us where air was leaking from exit doorways and windows. He showed us a place in the Balcony ceiling that was collecting water. Sure enough
that area became saturated with water and the ceiling fell. He has been a guest speaker at the Harrisonburg Rockingham Interfaith Association in connection to “Greening Congregations.”

I have heard Charles address “Aging in Place” issues to residents at Sunny Side Retirement Home, heard his ideas about sealing and repairing windows, rather than replacing them. He is deeply committed in growth that is environmentally responsible and sustainable. Charles is also a proponent of access to affordable housing in the City.

He is very interested in seeing Solar PV Installations to all of the City Public School Buildings. 

Charles is a single parent, cares for an aging parent, and is always engaged in either work, church activities, school events with his two daughters, hosting events down town and always very generous with his time, knowledge, and contributions to worthy non-profit organizations. 

I am very pleased to endorse and support Charles in his candidacy for City Council.

Ramona Sanders

Charles Hendricks has been a consistent force in the Sustainability movement since 2005 when he designed one of the first LEED for Homes Certified projects in the country. I first met Charles in 2008, when I became familiar with his Sustainable design work, and my organization, Virginia Sustainable Building Network, awarded his firm, Gaines Group Architects, with our "Best Green Designer" award. With our state and country facing pressing issues brought on by climate change impacts, my current organization, Resilient Virginia, recognizes the critical role that local cities play in planning for and implementing resiliency measures. Charles' passion for resilient design solutions and sustainability practices will serve the City of Harrisonburg well. I fully endorse Charles in his campaign to be elected to the Harrisonburg City Council.   


Annette Osso

Managing Director

Resilient Virginia

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