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The COVID-19 virus has forever changed us. We mourn together as the impact is felt by so many in our community and around the world. This virus has ravaged our way of life and caused us to take drastic measures to stop the spread. These measures have had dramatic impacts on our locally owned businesses and workers. It has stretched our resources thin both mentally, economically, and emotionally.


It has also unified us as a community coming together to help one another. I have seen good emerge from all sectors of Harrisonburg. While we wait to see the full impact of this devastating virus, I pray for our front line fighters: doctors and nurses, custodians and grocery clerks, pharmacists and trash collectors, political leaders and community leaders. This is our time to re-vision the future for our community that we want together. We will emerge from this dark time and we will rebuild the community we all love. #lovelocal. #supportlocalbusiness #staystronghburg

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