Charles Hendricks

for City Council 2020
Hendricks for Harrisonburg

Sustainability - Business - Community


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November 3, 2020
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"I love that Harrisonburg is a diverse and welcoming city for all. I love living, raising my daughters, and running a business here. I am running for Harrisonburg City Council because I believe my skills and knowledge can help guide this city into a more sustainable and resilient future. This can be done by addressing environmental concerns, creating affordable housing, caring for the houseless population, supporting our public schools, and preservation of our historic buildings.  I believe we also need to pay close attention to and empower our locally-owned businesses and workforce. We need to be innovative in our planning for the future and challenge the "because that is the way we always do it" safe option that we trick ourselves into taking. With the right vision and determination Harrisonburg can be a model city for sustainability, business, and community."



Loren Swartzendruber, president emeritus

Eastern Mennonite University

"I am very pleased to endorse Charles in his candidacy for Harrisonburg City Council. His years of experience as an architect and business leader, with a particular passion for sustainability, will serve our community well into the future. Charles is deeply interested in growth that is environmentally responsible.

Charles is also committed to expand access to affordable housing in the city. His professional expertise will be an advantage in that effort. He cares about our community and will engage with energy."

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About Charles the Architect

My name is Charles Hendricks and I am an architect, Rotarian, and dad living in the Shenandoah Valley, Virginia. I design projects of all types and styles (residential, multi-family, office, commercial, school, ecclesiastical, industrial, new construction, renovation, modern, traditional, contemporary) for a variety of clients. There is no project too small or too large, if you value design, I am thrilled to help. 

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Need a virtual speaker for your community group – call me


If you need a speaker for your community group – call me. I love sharing my passion and knowledge with anyone willing to listen…. Click HERE for more.

On this day: Pandemic, Politics, Survival, Home School, Small Business, and remembering to make dinner

On this day life is hard. We are each not in the same boat as I have heard so many say. Some of us have a nicer boat than others. Some of us have a boat with a hole in it. Some of us don’t have a boat at all, but are holding to the hope of something floating by to hang on so we can rest for just a moment.

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Charles will focus on Business
Charles will focus on Sustainability
Charles will focus on Community
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